Values we aim to instil:

  1. Discipline –At the heart of all our values is discipline – a rigid structure that provides each child with the security and stability they needed.
  2. Respect – We believe everyone deserves respect, and for that purpose, each child is taught to speak and behave respectfully.
  3. Honesty - Children learn from their elders, and we strive to be the best role models for our students.
  4. Responsibility –Honesty without accountability isn’t progress. All our students are encouraged to be independent and responsible, that will help them grow as individuals.
  5. Fairness – We strive to create an environment where all children can learn the importance of fairness and equality from a young age.
  6. Curiosity – We nurture the curious spirit in each child which creates inquisitive adults certain to succeed in any field of choice.
  7. Collaboration –A collaborative spirit is the heart of every successful team, and for this, we encourage all our students to participate in clubs and sports.
  8. Passion –A passion for learning is what encourages students to continue their education. Our teachers by example by constantly updating themselves on new topics and information.