Aryan inherits a futuristic approach to schooling that meets the global demands of modern day education. Integrating technology oriented educative methods with age old Indian values is what we are proud of. We believe in transforming each student into the best version of himself for which we have introduced the latest edu-tech facilities.The quality of education and values inherited in the students, determine the class of future society and world that we would live in. We are firm on our motive to interject qualities of a leader in each and every student so that he becomes the architect to a better world.

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At Aryan Public School, our objective is to create an equilibrium between the hi-tech education required for the students to succeed while making the whole process a journey of memorable moments for the students to cherish and evolve into strong minded and focused individuals steeping into the challenges lying ahead of the with a joyful heart. We inculcate values of being a family, working in teams and developing a sense of mutual respect for everyone.

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We have a long and valued tradition of providing a vast range of extra-curricular activities, particularly in dance, drama, music etc.

Aryan Public School was designed while taking into consideration the needs and requirements of all students...

Fully Centralized AC school with ultra-modern facilities to enable the students to learn well and face challenges of the competitive world....


Ceo message

From the Principal desk


Aryan Public School aims to be a thriving comprehensive school with a reputation for providing the highest quality educational opportunities for all its students, supported by a magnificent building equipped with state of the art technology and facilities.

Their feedback was unanimous:

  1. Thinking horizons have expanded.
  2. Sharing ideas with greater conviction.
  3. An increased sense of responsibility with the ability to make choices.
  4. A noticeable change in asking What If questions.

Such feedback reinforce the purpose of education at Aryan Public School - life entrepreneurship.

With warm regards,


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